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My Travel Adventure Blog Around USA

Heyya guys!

My name is Bruce Epperly and I’ve been traveling a lot both solo and with friends, and I had an urge to write about what I’m seeing and I wanted to share my experiences a lot! I went throughout the world and throughout America, and I have a lot to share. I believe I’ve seen some of the best places and traveled through the best cities in the world, so I have a lot of tips and tricks to share with my followers. I decided to create my adventure travel blog for all those out there who want to find thrill and enjoyment and need an adrenaline rush. So, if you need info on how to get all of this, make sure to follow my adventure travel blog regularly! I’ll show you how not to overpay for tours with tour guides and yet, have the time of your life!

Top places I have visited in US

America is a country that will never cease to amaze me, it has so many wonderful places, events, bars, restaurants and everything else you’d need to be excited about. I felt like America surely deserves a place on Bruce Epperly’s Adventure travel blog, right?

First of all, I loved the Big Apple! New York has a lot to offer, and my 6 days there weren’t enough to take it all in. There are a lot of great bars in New York and I visited at least 2 a day for a quick beer or a game of darts with friends. The people are very nice and welcoming as well!

A special place in my heart and on my Adventure travel blog is kept for Miami, Florida too. I was there visiting a friend and slept on his couch. However, asides from the great night life with never-ending parties and the beach life with some amazing surfer friends, I loved how much warmth you can find in a place.

I believe all larger cities like Orlando, Portland, Las Vegas are great, and they are also some of the places that you must find a weekend or two to visit. I believe it will open new points of view as it did for me!

My favorite adventure spot highlights

Throughout my time, there were a lot of times where I could practically feel the adrenaline rush! These were also the situations where I thought to myself: Bruce Epperly, you must have an adventure travel blog! I went paradiving and rode a lot of rollercoasters and took part in some crazy events and concerts!

However, the greatest adrenaline rush I’ve ever had was when I was in Las Vegas. You see, me and my friends (who had done this a couple of times before) went in what looked to me like an ordinary US casino. And at this point I’ve already set up my mind on having an adventure travel blog, so I figured, well yea, I have to experience everything, and when you are in Las Vegas, you visit the best US casino here. To be honest, I’ve never played a hand of poker in my life, so I was pretty inexperienced at this. My friends knew this so we sat down at the slot machines.

This is where the fun began. I saw fruits rolling up and down, and I had no idea what was going on, I was just doing whatever my friends were doing. Suddenly, my slot machine started playing loud happy music, and I was still pretty confused. By the sounds of it, it looked like I won something. Suddenly, a lot of real money started to come out of the machine and my friends told me that I’ve won the jackpot! Me, winning real money by playing games? I couldn’t have imagined it myself!

Road trip - my lifestyle

I am a born traveler. I want to see new things, and feel new feelings all the time. Meeting new people and cultures is simply my thing. This is why I decided that my next trip will be even more daring, I’ll be leaving the US and going somewhere even more adventurous. So, stay tuned to Bruce Epperly’s adventure travel blog for updates!