1. Cambodia

The first reason I can give you is not necessarily valid for you, but for me, it is entirely legitimate because Cambodia is the country of my origins. On the other hand, I will give you the different reasons why you really should visit Cambodia in your life.

In Cambodia, we welcome you; we respect you. I have noticed every time I travel, the Cambodians say hello to me by using the “Sampeah” at the hotel, in restaurants, in agencies… you will recognize it easily when they join hands near their chest. It is a sign of respect and prayer. A smile often accompanies him just for you. Even when they don’t understand what you’re saying to them, the smile will still be there. As you can see, the Cambodians are so kind, and we have some very moving meetings. But then what else can we love about Cambodia?

  1. Norway

Here’s an impossible question to answer. Each place is different and wonderful depending on what you’re living in. It all depends on the context, the time of the people you meet there and especially the person who travels. And then the goal is not so much the destination, but the path you have to go to get there…

If I had to give a country anyway, I would say Norway for welcoming people and breathtaking landscapes. Still little traveled by tourists, because quite expensive, the wild camping is accepted, which allows putting its tent anywhere more than 200 meters from a dwelling. Sea fishing is also free of rights, so with a little resourcefulness, there is a way to visit this wonderful country without spending too much and to make great encounters. Preikestolen is an excellent reward after a big hike, a view of the amazing fjords.

  1. Iceland

Iceland is an island to discover at least once in a lifetime! Why? There are too many reasons! Whether you go there in summer or in winter, you will discover nature in its pure state: hundreds of waterfalls to contemplate, volcanoes to face, glaciers to climb, lava landscapes to traverse. Everything on this island will surprise you. In winter, you will see Northern Lights or whales. In summer, take a trek through the island in the volcanic lands. The only problem? If you go, you won’t want to leave!

  1. Peru

What a difficult exercise to choose a single destination as a “must”! For me, all destinations are made of small jewels, Dreamland, known or unexplored… so many destinations entice my imagination! And that’s why I created my (long) Bucket List.

If I had to name only one, I’d be talking about Peru. Why? Because I fell in love with this country. A love that has already taken me three times to travel in this beautiful place. A love that will make me go back, that’s for sure!

So many stories and adventures, encounters and experiences … like this country, rich in Variety. From North to south, from East to West, this country is full of different settings in which to write entire novels. Coast, Desert, Mountain or jungle: all these regions have allowed me to live amazing “first times”.

My first rafting trip. My first paragliding over cliffs. My first raft on an Amazon River. My first multi-day trek to the second deepest canyon in the world. My first airplane flight to discover an archaeological site, over the Nazca Lines. My first new Wonder in the world, Machu Picchu. My first experience of experiential tourism to share the life of a family in the Andes… in short, I could talk about it for hours! But the best thing is to create your own experience in Peru!

  1. Guatemala

I traveled and lived in Guatemala for more than 6 months. For me, it is one of the most important destinations in Latin America. It’s still good roots, not too touristic (except for the gringos in the middle of the season), cheap, there are plenty of Natural Curiosities, beautiful places, active volcanoes, Mayan sites… the Guatemalans I met are funny and know how to party. It was also at the “Guaté” that I learned Spanish. Great memories, including that sunrise over the volcanoes of Lake Atitlán, from the top of Santa Maria.