Places in the US I have Visited

When asked what my favorite destination in the United States is, I don’t know where to start: I loved the great classics like the Grand Canyon, New York or Yellowstone, and I recommend going there at least once! But that everyone will tell you, so I looked into my archives, looking for destinations that had really marked me. At the beginning of this year, while maybe you’re looking for somewhere to go (I do), here are 10 destinations all over the United States, which I experienced, tested and approved over the last 5 years.

  1. Denver Colorado

Probably my favorite city of 2016, after a brief visit a few years ago, I took better time to explore this city: superb museums, a wild west past that rub shoulders with cool neighborhoods, great scene foodie and bièrie. It’s beautiful even in September. It’s in altitude not far from the mountains. A cool town that deserves to be visited.

  1. Sequoia California

Imagining that the redwoods are centuries old leaves me dreamy. I loved this California park in the heart of the Sierra Nevada. A superb combo nature: forest and mountain. Not to be confused with Redwoods Park, but it is also beautiful (in Northern California).

  1. Portland Maine

Portland Maine is the other Portland, not the cool avant-garde hipster from the West Coast, Oregon, but the other one, the East Coast, the oldest, most Peper. It is a beautiful harbor on the Atlantic coast, a small town worth spending a weekend there. All the readers of the blog who read the article about this city have, I hope, tasted the best donuts in the United States, the Holy donuts of Portland, Maine.

  1. Canyonlands Utah

A breathtaking park, often left out because you want (rightly) to see the Grand Canyon first and foremost. And yet Canyonlands, it is the paradise of the canyon, of the Red Rock, of the Green River that flows at the bottom. Since I saw the West world series, I promised myself to go back, and this time with a real 4×4 (we almost stayed there to ride with our dad’s sedan on the rough and rough roads).

  1. Washington DC

The capital of the United States has a serious side when you walk along the coast of Congress, the great museums and the White House. But there’s also the cute side of Georgetown. I spent 5 days discovering DC with great pleasure, and my only regret is not having been able to walk around: maybe this year? My favorite museum there is the Newseum, a museum about news and recent history. Superb!

  1. Big Bend Texas

One of my best memories of a road trip: the arrival at Big Bend. It’s so far away to go, you feel all alone, and the fantastic landscapes are breathtaking. Shortly, I’d like to go back a week to hike far, far away.

  1. Chicago Illinois

A vast city, rich in museums, walks, architecture, Delish restaurants. Four days were not enough to discover the unofficial capital of the Midwest, but it was a nice mouthful. I liked it.

  1. Santa Fe New Mexico

Santa Fe is the island of culture in New Mexico, sometimes very poor, sometimes very flat and empty. It’s colorful, there’s plenty of (small) museums, and this is really a unique atmosphere.

  1. Newport Rhode Island

There are many cities called Newport in the United States (about fifty at least), and here I am talking about the one in Rhode Island, south of Boston. It was a resort for the New very rich at the beginning of the 20th century, and there are still traces of it: massive castles, luxury mansions: each room has its own decor, an elegant luxury. Apart from that, there is a beautiful harbor, a fine sandy beach, and a jazz festival during the summer.

  1. Austin Texas

The clichés about Texas are tough, but I promise you, Austin is a new, unique city that’s really worth spending at least two or three days in. However, when I was there, we didn’t do much: cycling, having drinks, listening to music, we were more there for the atmosphere than to see everything.