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Progressive Christian Spirituality

Persons of faith are called to be global pioneers. Although you may be rooted in a particular religious tradition, you may also find spiritual nurture through the insights and practices of the historical religious traditions, native spiritualities, or the new spiritual movements of our time. You may, for example, attend church on Saturday evening or Sunday morning, and share fully in the ritual of Holy Communion. But, throughout the week, you may practice Zen Buddhist meditation or Transcendental Meditation, receive reiki or acupuncture treatments, or attend a Native American sweat lodge.


The challenge for spiritual pilgrims is to find creative ways to integrate the wisdom of their own faith with global spiritual practices.

Over the past several years, I have been involved in exploring progressive Jewish and Christian spirituality. Despite a tragic history, progressive Jews and Christians can learn much from each other’s traditions. We look for common ground not only in the affirmation of an active, loving, and personal God but also the celebration of a common history and complementary spiritual practices. I believe that Jews and Christians can deepen their spirituality by sharing each other’s spiritual practices, holy days, and theological insights.

God’s truth is larger than any religious tradition. As we share our faith, we do not seek to convert one another, but grow together by sharing a common spiritual adventure.