Reiki healing touch connects us with God’s healing energy. As we touch ourselves or another in love, Holy Energy is released that brings balance, harmony, and well-being in body, mind, spirit, and relationships. God’s touch flows through our own touch.

Reiki is embodied prayer.

Reiki heightens our experience of God’s passion for healing our lives and healing of the earth. Reiki healing energy radiates beyond ourselves to mend the world.

Reiki is traditionally taught by a trained reiki teacher/master who mentors students in the practice of reiki and enlivens their own healing energy through special attunements.

Praying with your hands!

Our calling is to be God’s partners in healing and wholeness for all persons. My unique mission as a reiki teacher is to build a bridge between reiki healing touch and Christianity.

Wherever truth and healing occur, God is its source. God is present in reiki healing touch. God is also present in our prayers, in the laying on of hands, in massage and body work, in chemotherapy and medication, in surgery and acupuncture.

God aims at abundant life in all things and calls us to play our own unique role in healing the earth. Our own personal healing contributes to the healing of our families, friends, and the universe.