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Listening to God’s Whispered Word in Prayer and Meditation

God constantly speaks to us in sighs too deep for words. Every moment is a revelation that calls us toward new horizons of healing and wholeness. Your spiritual journey is unique and unrepeatable.

Today, physicists speak of the universe as omni-centered. That means that everywhere is the center of the universe. Long before the quantum physics, Christian mystics reflected on the Holy Adventure in the following words:

God is the circle
Whose center is everywhere
And whose circumference
Is nowhere.

Prayer is simply opening to God’s life within your life. Prayer is listening to Divine Wisdom and then expressing our deepest desires and needs for ourselves and the world. Jesus once said, “ask and it will be given to you.” While we don’t always know what is best for ourselves, we discover our deepest needs in the process of asking and listening to the Divine Wisdom. Prayer is not magic, but a path of opening and awakening to a Guidance deeper than our own.

Prayer is always personal, but it is never private. It’s not about us, but about “mending the world.” Our prayers are answered when our desires align themselves with God’s deepest desire for the world. Prayer changes things, but more importantly, it allows us to be God’s partners in transforming the world.

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