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Your Covenant of Wholeness

Wholeness is a choice and not an accident. Our bodies are the temple of God, but we need to care for ourselves through committing ourselves to daily healing practices.

A Covenant of Wholeness is simply your intention to embrace God’s wholeness in each moment of life. A Covenant of Wholeness is a set of practices and commitments that you embody in your daily life.


Practicing Wholeness balances work and play, solitude and friendship, and contemplation and action. While each person lives out her or his “covenant of wholeness” uniquely, here are some practices of wholeness you may wish to explore:

  • Daily quiet time and meditation
  • Breath prayers
  • Imaging success and abundance
  • A healing diet
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly retreats or sabbath time
  • Exercise that reflects your personality and current fitness
  • Daily healing touch (self-care) and regular healthy touch treatments, such as reiki healing touch, massage, healing touch, and therapeutic touch
  • Healthy play
  • Laughter
  • Intellectual stimulation and healing

Writing Your Covenant of Wholeness

As a beloved child of God, loved unconditionally by our Divine Parent, I covenant to deepen my spiritual, physical, intellectual, and relational well-being by practicing the following disciplines of the spirit:

  • Physical well-being ______________________________
  • Vocational wholeness ____________________________
  • Spiritual wholeness ______________________________
  • Relational health ________________________________
  • Emotional well-being _____________________________
  • Intellectual growth _______________________________

I commit myself to seeking the wholeness appropriate to my current life condition.

Feel free to print this page, and fill out your covenant of wholeness.